Monday, January 26, 2015

Monday Morning Recap for Sunday - January 25, 2015

Yesterday's worship set was all about remembering the relentless pursuit of God's love for us.  How easy is it for you to think that you're on your own and forgotten about.  How many have strayed and think that they've gone too far to ever come back.  It's comforting, healing and restorative to be reminded that the God of the universe not only knows us and formed us, but transformed us and pursues us as the shepherd that leaves the 99 for the one that's lost.

We opened yesterday with Let Us Return - a song I wrote based on Hosea.

After our call to worship we sang Relentless, One Thing Remains, How He Loves, and O Love That Will Not Let Me Go.

Our offering song was Let it Be Jesus.

Join us next week as we kick off our 2015 Global Missions Conference - Catapult!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Monday Morning Recap for Sunday - January 18, 2015

Our worship set was focused all on the theme of adoration.  Simply spending time adoring Christ for who He is, and what He has done.

We opened yesterday with a great call to worship - reminding us to instruct our souls to awake - called Awake My Soul.

After our call to worship we sang This is Amazing Grace, Adoration, How Great Thou Art, and He Knows My Name.

Our offering song was Savior King.  Love that tune.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Monday Morning Recap for Sunday - January 11, 2015

Bob started a short sermon series on some social issues - and will continue through the month of January.  If you missed yesterday's sermon that highlighted some sanctity of life issues - check it out on iTunes.  You can find our sermons on iTunes by searching "ompc."

We opened yesterday with This is Amazing Grace.

After our call to worship we sang You Lifted Me Out, All Hail the Pow'r of Jesus Name, Your Grace Finds Me, and Draw Me Nearer.

Our offering song was Give Me Faith.

Choir has started back!  Now is a great time to get plugged in.  We're beginning preparations for our "Not Really Palm Sunday Spectacular Spectacular" - set for March 22 due to spring break falling on Palm Sunday (March 29).

Monday, January 05, 2015

Monday Morning Recap for Sunday - January 4, 2015

It was great to be back after a nice Christmas break.  We kicked off 2015 yesterday morning with a set that was all about focusing on Jesus.

We opened with Come Ye Sinners.  Best line in that song - "if you tarry until you're better, you may never come at all"

After our call to worship we sang Hosanna, Stronger, Jesus Only Jesus, and Before the Throne of God Above.

Our offering song was To Him - a tune I wrote a few years ago.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Monday Morning Recap for Christmas Eve AND Sunday - December 28

We were back to "normal" programming yesterday - as I don't tend to sing Christmas songs after Christmas.  But before we talk about yesterday - we had Christmas Eve service!

We opened Christmas Eve with All Who Are Thirsty - great tune that allows us to sing/pray "Come Lord Jesus Come"

After the call to worship we sang Joy to the World, Hark the Herald Angels Sing, Your Name (Christmas lyrics)and Away in a Manger.  

Carlee then sang Welcome to our World.

That was followed with a reading of the Christmas story from the gospels of Matthew and Luke, by Rob Bright.

Lynne Means then sang O Holy Night.

We closed after a homily from Bob with Silent Night.

I was out of town yesterday so Carlee Green filled in on worship leadership - and as always, does a tremendous job!

They opened with Everlasting God.

After the call to worship they sang Not To Us, O Worship the King, and Never Let Go.

The offering song was Amazed.

Join us as we kickoff the new year this coming Sunday!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Monday Morning Recap (on Tuesday) for Sunday - December 21, 2014

I love the Christmas season.  I love being able to mix the timeless carols with praise songs to create a complete Advent season thought.  I love how the context of Advent creates a completely new meaning for the same text that we sing in the midst of praise songs.

We opened yesterday with Here For You - a great song for the 4th Sunday of Advent - as we celebrate the Angels' candle and the Annunciation of Christ - we proclaim in that song "let your Word move in power..."

We're reminded that the Word became Flesh.

After our call to worship we sang Angels We Have Heard on High, Forever Reign, Angels from the Realms of Glory (with some Little River Band influence) and Holy.

Our offering song was Michael McDonald's Peace - such a great tune.

Our communion song was Here With Us - sung by Kala Waldron and Mandy Sears.

Now... enjoy Mark Long singing his favorite Christmas carols....

Monday, December 15, 2014

Monday Morning Recap for Sunday - December 14, 2014

We had our 12th Annual Christmas Worship Service yesterday at OMPC - No Eye Had Seen.

All told we had over 160 involved in choir, band, tech, kids and youth choirs.

Here's the "blurb" that I wrote for the program - in case you missed it.

I get asked the same question every year: “Are you going to use the Charlie Brown Christmas thing again this year?” The answer is always “Yes!” I love the simplicity of Linus’s response to Charlie Brown’s question about the real meaning of Christmas. Nothing else more accurately articulates my heart’s desire for our church’s focus during our Christmas worship service. The ridiculousness of all the other clips in trying to answer that question, contrasted with “Lament” in Charlie Brown throughout the montage, highlights the same struggle that we face today. I can only imagine those that were waiting on Christ’s first arrival experienced that same longing.

This Sunday's Christmas service is no different from the others in the past. We’re trying to enter into the beauty of Christ coming to redeem, in the midst of our struggles, pain and longing for more. As we do, we are reminded not only that the prophets of old experienced the same longings and struggles, but that Christ has promised that He is returning once again, and very soon, to restore all things, reverse death and establish His kingdom forever.

We will open this Sunday with a time of reflection and a time of lament. Our present-day pain parallels the hunger described in the prophets as they looked for the coming of the Messiah. Our cries to God to show up, and the song “Say Something” can certainly be compared with the drama involved in Mary, Joseph and the angelic messages from Heaven as they walked through what we can only imagine was a horribly difficult journey. And our desire to worship and bring offerings is a reflection of the initial worship offerings from shepherds and wise men.
We all enter in to the Christmas season with something or someone on our hearts. We’re all crying out for God to show up, to say something, to do something. As you listen, reflect and worship this Sunday, be reminded that God chose to send The Redeemer in the most understated way possible—a birth in a manger, under the stars, with an audience of shepherds. It wasn’t dramatic. It wasn’t a shock felt around the world. It was a small movement that shaped the course of time and rescued our souls for His glory. That same God is working today to bring the same redemptive work to every area of our lives, our hearts, and our minds.